Recreating Adidas Ad

For my last assignment, I was asked to recreate any ad of my choice. I had the opportunity to use any of the Adobe programs we've used throughout the semester such as, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. To be honest, I always find ads more appealing whenever they have a huge photo in them.  I've done... Continue Reading →


Creative Ad

Over the last three weeks, I started working towards this project. The first week was focused on increasing my creative thinking process. I was required to do a couple of exercises that help to increase the creative flow. My class used a Project Specification Generator for the demographic of our ads. This generator throws random... Continue Reading →

Superheroes Icon Set

During these last two weeks, I've been working on this assignment. I was required to create an icon set and apply three rules for consistency on every design. This assignment was my first time working with Illustrator and I have to admit it was confusing sometimes because I'm already used to work with InDesign. Before... Continue Reading →

First Attempt at Print Ads

This semester I'm taking an Advertising Principles class (Comm230) and for our final project, I'll be working on an Advertising campaign. Last week I had two small projects that would help me with the creative flow. To be honest, these projects were a bit challenging because I had to come up with printing ads on... Continue Reading →

My first spread magazine

This semester I've started working for the newspaper of my school, Scroll. I've been in charged of designing the Spread for our section, which has been mainly photos of concerts. This semester, the photo staff pitched different ideas for the Spread. The design is always the same, I only arrange the position and size of... Continue Reading →

In deep analysis of photos

In this post I will analyze two of my photos and one photo from Denis Nevozhai. There is three different topics that the photos will cover: Rule of thirds, depth of the field and leading lines. Rule of thirds: Rule of thirds divide the screen into 9 pieces, leaving 4 points of convergence. These points... Continue Reading →

Volkswagen Vintage Typography

The Ad that I chose for this assignment is from 1977. I couldn’t find any information about the designer but this Ad is from Volkswagen promoting their bus. This is the link to find the ad: Volkswagen Ad I really like the style and the layout of this Ad. I like the image of the car... Continue Reading →

Reverse Engineer

The ad that I chose for this assignment is Followfish from the Ad Agency: Leagas Delaney. The graphic designer for this piece is Enrico Hoppe. Here is the link for the image: Followfish This ad gets people attention from the first moment because of the bright color that has been used. The bright red stands... Continue Reading →

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