Recreating Adidas Ad

For my last assignment, I was asked to recreate any ad of my choice. I had the opportunity to use any of the Adobe programs we’ve used throughout the semester such as, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

To be honest, I always find ads more appealing whenever they have a huge photo in them.  I’ve done two other ad recreations before and I took that approach. For this assignment, I wanted to do the same.

I started looking for ads that showed physical activity and were eye-catching. I came across an Adidas ad that I really liked.

slide project FB

What I like about this ad is that it looks simple. There is a runner with a relevant background of a city. The text is spread out on the ad and it covers all the empty space around the subject.

The target audience for this ad are men and women of ages 18 to 30 whom enjoy physical activities and thrive to stay healthy.  They have some college education with a medium to high income and are located in the USA.

Analysis of original ad

  • Typography: Adidas used a sans serif font for their ad. It’s easier to read for the consumer.
  • Tracking: Adidas also add space within the letters to cover more space with their text. It makes the text clearer and appealing.
  • Outfit: The subject on the ad is wearing training clothes related to the conveyed message.
  • Background: The photo has been taken on the street which is related to the subject.


New ad

slide project FB7

The concept of this new ad is to show a soccer player in his element. I asked my friend Sergio Torres, Business Management student at BYU- Idaho, to do some soccer drills at the school campus. I took the photo and, for the first time, I used Lightroom to edit it.


Although Sergio was doing some soccer drills, I decided to capture him in action without the soccer ball. I didn’t want to have the ball as a distraction in the ad.

The setting was similar in that Sergio is in a place related to what he is doing. The colors of the background are a bit darker and the colors of the Sergio’s clothes are a bit brighter.

I came up with the text for the new ad and I also applied tracking within the words. For the typography, I chose Europe, sans serif font.

To conclude, I enjoyed doing this project. What I liked the most was to come up with the idea for the new ad. It was a great experience to break down the original ad and apply all those elements to the new one. On a side note, it was also a nice experience to work with Lightroom for the first time. I’ve always been scared of the program but I started watching some tutorials and they helped me to understand the basics of the program.


Creative Ad

Over the last three weeks, I started working towards this project. The first week was focused on increasing my creative thinking process. I was required to do a couple of exercises that help to increase the creative flow.

My class used a Project Specification Generator for the demographic of our ads. This generator throws random demographic and also the products we needed to work with.

For this project, I had to work with a set of pliers from the Husky brand. My target audience are males of age 25-34. They are married, and they have a bachelor’s degree. Their income ranges between 15k to 39k, and their media consumption are TV and blogs.

Having in consideration these demographics, I wanted the advertisement to portray the easiness of usage and the reliability of the product. I wanted to show that Husky pliers are capable of completing the job without troubles.

My second and third week was focused on this advertisement. During the second week, I came up with three different ideas for the project. The first one had a a crane and its hook was the jaws of a set of pliers. The crane was going to lift a car, and the background was a construction setting. My second idea was an iron column with huge bolts and a set of pliers was trying to lose those bolts. The jaws were supposed to be a pair of human hands. The third idea was the picture of a huge astronaut helmet and, through the reflection of the helmet, people could see space and that the astronaut was working with a nice set of pliers.

I really liked the three ideas but I had to be realistic with my Photoshop skills. To be honest, this was my first time using Photoshop. For this reason, I stuck with my second idea.

For this advertisement, I relied on three photos and the logo of Husky. The logo I got from Google for educational purposes, and I only erased the background and saved on a png format.

My first photo I got from and there was no information about the photographer.


For my second photo, I looked up for a set of pliers. I did find one at The photographer has his account at Pixabay, under the name of WerbeFabrik.


My third photo was actually two different photos. I needed a pair of hands for my advertisement, but I couldn’t find anything on the website. I took these photos and the reason why I took each hand separate is because it seemed more easy for me to edit and handle them separately.

right handleft hand

One last requirement was in relation to the written content of the advertisement. I was required to have an original and creative headline, a body copy, and a call to action.

This is my final advertisement for TV (1920px by 1080px – 300dpi)

Creative Ad


This is my final advertisement for Blog (300px by 250px – 72dpi)


I always liked simplicity. I searched for a background that doesn’t distract the audience much. I also placed the set of pliers close to the bigger bolt to make it the focal point.

The background that I chose had dark colors and white letters, but it was not enough to make a strong impact. This is the reason why I decided to place a white box at the bottom of the ad and use black for the written content. This decision helped me to separate the image from the text perfectly. The audience will be able to focus on each piece separately and analyze it more efficiently.

The typeface of my written content is non serif. These typefaces make the text easier to read.

One thing that I would change is the written content. I’d get rid of the text around the pliers and place that heading in the white box and I’d get rid of the body copy from the white box to leave space for the heading. The reason why my final ad has so many written content is because it was a requirement for my assignment. As I said before, I prefer simplicity.

To conclude, I really liked to work with Photoshop. This program has always scared me because of its complicity but this assignment has showed me I was wrong. I know Photoshop has more complex tools than the ones I used for this assignment.  I know that amazing art works can be done with Photoshop, and this has pushed me to look up for more Photoshop tutorials to increase my skills.

Superheroes Icon Set

During these last two weeks, I’ve been working on this assignment. I was required to create an icon set and apply three rules for consistency on every design. This assignment was my first time working with Illustrator and I have to admit it was confusing sometimes because I’m already used to work with InDesign.

Before I started with my icon set, I searched for some examples and I came across with really good icon designs. I saw some icons based on superheroes and I decided to work with that theme.

The target audience for this icon set are teenagers of age 12 to young adults of late twenties. They are amazed by superhero comics and they love anything related to them (movies, poster, key holders, and so on.)  In the case I would promote this icon set, I would first promote it throughout Salt Lake City. I’d lived in that city for over two years and I became quite familiar with it. I’ve seen there is a potential market for superheroes merchandising. A second reason why I’m choosing only Salt Lake City is because I’d want first to make a small test before jumping straight to a massive market, USA superheroes market.

My first idea was to use a guitar pick shape for all the icons but at some point I forgot I was working with icons and thought I was creating a product, guitar picks. I even tried to specifically market it to musicians. I took me a while to realize I wasn’t losing sight of my real assignment.


The colors I chose are close to the colors of each superhero but they are more colorful. The reason behind that is because I wanted to make it more playful, more appealing to the inner kid of each of my target audience.

At the beginning, I used black strokes for all my icons but some icons were looking a bit boring. I ended using the main color of each icon as the color of the stroke for that specific icon.

The rules that I applied for this design were related to the size of the strokes. All of the strokes for the main circles are the same size. Any other stroke used in the design also has a same size. Also, the red and yellow were used for three of the four icons.


For this assignment I didn’t use any photos neither any typography. Everything was created by me on Illustrator.

I was also required to shared these icons on two different sizes 60px by 60px and 400px by 400px. Here are my final icons:

60px by 60px

400px by 400px

To be honest, this assignment was a bit challenging. Even though Illustrator shares some features with InDesign, they have different layouts. It took me some time to find some features on Illustrator but in the end, I could become familiar and understand better the program.

First Attempt at Print Ads

This semester I’m taking an Advertising Principles class (Comm230) and for our final project, I’ll be working on an Advertising campaign.

Last week I had two small projects that would help me with the creative flow. To be honest, these projects were a bit challenging because I had to come up with printing ads on my own.

For my first project, I was asked to re-create and Ad. I needed to consider the copy, the position of some of the elements and the layout of the Ad. I chose one from Coca-Cola. I like the simplicity of it and the quality of the photo.

week 6 - example

I decided to use on of the photos I took at the iConcert night because of its colors. The colors of the smoke and of the hoodie contrast with the black background and grabs attention easily. The photo shows the singer enjoying the song and portrays his passion for the music. Also, the singer is facing to the left side and also that is where all the smoke is concentrated. That’s why I decided to place the logo and the copy body around the smoke.


week 6 - project 1For my second project, I was asked to create a print ad from scratch. I was free to choose any product or service of my preference. One of my passions are cars so I decided to work with my favorite brand, Volkswagen. Again, I relied on one photo I took before of my Volkswagen GTI.

I searched for previous Volkswagen printing ads promoting their Golf GTI because I wanted to demonstrate their branding on my design. Volkswagen usually has the picture of their promoted car with a white line at the bottom of the ad with some copy on the left side and their logo on their right side. This was my final work:


week 7 - ad project

I really liked working on these projects because they are in fields that I’m really passionate about, music and cars. It also gave me an idea how the process of creation is. I learned that the photos or graphics used are very important to grab the attention of the audience. One thing that I’m still struggling with is the typeface of the copy. I feel there are other options that would enhance the copy of my ads.

My first spread magazine

This semester I’ve started working for the newspaper of my school, Scroll. I’ve been in charged of designing the Spread for our section, which has been mainly photos of concerts. This semester, the photo staff pitched different ideas for the Spread. The design is always the same, I only arrange the position and size of the photos to make it more appealing to our readers.

For this assignment I was asked to create a spread magazine, which is something that I’ve been doing for a couple of weeks. But this time was different. For the very first time I had to create a spread magazine from scratch.

I really liked the assignment from the beginning. This was not only my first spread magazine from scratch. This was also my very first design project! Although Visual Design is not my emphasis, it’s my module and I’m very eager to learn more about it.

My very first step was to look for other designs to get some ideas and inspiration. I started searching through Pinterest but I didn’t have much luck. All the designs where amazing and I set myself the goal to learn how to do those designs in the future but I couldn’t find any layout that looked close to what I was asked.

This assignment required us to use our own photos, identify our audience, the message, draw some sketches, pick the colors, choose our typography and do a draft of our design.


I was required to use at least two of my own photos. This requirement was crucial because they all had to convey the same message. My most favorite photos that I’ve taken so far are from two couples that are good friends of mine. Based on this, I decided that the theme should be around couples. To be more specific, engagement and marriage.

Even though I met the requirement for my assignment, I still wanted to add a third photo but I didn’t want to show another couple. I decided to take a photo of the temple, where couples get married and sealed forever.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Target audience and message

The theme of my spread magazine was ready: Engagement. I also needed to find an article from and I found the perfect article for my magazine, A True and Sufficient Love by Burton C. Kelley.

Based on this information, my target audience are women, age 19 to late 20s that currently attend BYU- Idaho. This group belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Marriage has been one big topic within that specific community for many years.

The message my spread magazine conveys is that marriage is one big step in relationships and people should know more about their partners and their relationship before getting engaged.

Design analysis

The very last part to complete the draft of my design was to pick the colors and choose two fonts for it.

For the colors of my design, I wanted to use bright colors in soft tones. I wanted something appealing to girls. I used the theme colors offered by Adobe CC Library and I chose “The 50’s” folder. I used the pink for headings and to bring up little things from the body copy of my design. I used the soft green to the rest of my body copy.

The very last thing for my design was the fonts. I needed two different fonts to make contrast on my spread magazine. I chose a script font for my title and for my pull quote. The reason I chose a script type is because I wanted to replicate the design of wedding invitations. I wanted to have some curves throughout the lines of the font. The script type that I chose was Alex Brush. I used a sans serif font for my body copy. It was a bit harder to chose a font like that because they all look alike. I don’t know much about typography. The differences that I found were very little.

week 5 - Spread marriageweek 5 - Spread marriage2week 5 - Spread marriage3

To conclude, this assignment was really helpful to me because I had the chance to get familiar with a lot of InDesign tools. I also taught me how to choose colors based on my target audience and how to use it to create contrast in the design. Personally, I like the final result because I stuck with a simple layout and I relied on colors to make it appealing to my audience.

In deep analysis of photos

In this post I will analyze two of my photos and one photo from Denis Nevozhai. There is three different topics that the photos will cover: Rule of thirds, depth of the field and leading lines.

  • Rule of thirds:
    Rule of thirds divide the screen into 9 pieces, leaving 4 points of convergence. These points are the ones that have more content in the photos. This is one of the photos I took from my friend Gonzalo. He graduated last semester from Brigham Young University – Idaho.



  • Depth of the field
    Depth of the field makes the background blurry leaving only the main image more appealing to the eyes. This photo was taken by my friend Roberto. He is just starting as a photographer and I helped him with the settings for this picture.



  • Leading lines:
    Leading lines are lines that draw your eyes and drag them into a specific point. This photo is from Denis Nevozhai and I got it from




  • Conclusions:
    These basic guidelines help to create good photos. Photographers that follow these guidelines have photos that are more appealing to people.

Volkswagen Vintage Typography

The Ad that I chose for this assignment is from 1977. I couldn’t find any information about the designer but this Ad is from Volkswagen promoting their bus.

This is the link to find the ad: Volkswagen Ad

I really like the style and the layout of this Ad. I like the image of the car in the middle with the big text on top of it. The text has been separated in three columns and it looks well designed because the columns on the sides are underneath the wheels.

week 3 - vw


  • First typeface: San Serif

    The text doesn’t have any serifs at the end of the strokes. There is no visible thick-thin transition in the strokes. Also, the letter forms are the same thickness all the way around.

    week 3 - vw Sans serif

  • Second typeface: Oldstyle (light font)

    Oldstyles always have serif. All the curved strokes in the letter forms have a transition from thick to thin. The contract on the strokes are relatively moderate

    week 3 - vw Oldstyle

  • Contrast

    The designer used a Serif font and a Sans Serif font to create contrast for this Ad. Serif fonts have a thick/thin contrast in their structures, sans serifs generally are monoweight. This typeface contrast is complemented by different sizes between them.


This assignment helped me picture and understand the contrast between two typefaces from different categories. It’s not enough to use different categories. Designers also need to complement their design with size and weight contrast.


Reverse Engineer

The ad that I chose for this assignment is Followfish from the Ad Agency: Leagas Delaney. The graphic designer for this piece is Enrico Hoppe. Here is the link for the image: Followfish
This ad gets people attention from the first moment because of the bright color that has been used. The bright red stands out from the pale background. The pin shape the tomato has leads your eyes into their text “Follow the true taste.”



  • Contrast: The designer used contrast on the colors of the tomato. The pin tomato grabs people attention because it has bright colors and the background has soft colors.

  • Repetition: The ad shows some color repetition. The icon “Followfish” on the top uses a blue color which is repeated on the images on the bottom. The designer also used the green color of the tomato leaves and put it on one of the images on the bottom.

  • Alignment: The icon “Followfish” has been aligned with the main image on the bottom of the ad. The ad also has two of the three images at the bottom aligned. This alignment shows a symmetry on the ad.

  • Proximity: At the end of the pin tomato there is a drawing of a map with some coordinates. Right underneath it, there is a text saying: “Follow the true taste.” This proximity strengthens the idea the ad is trying to convey. Followish leads you to the right path for food.

  • Color: This ad relies strongly on colors. It’s the way this specific ad draws attention. The main color is bright red which has been used for the tomato. The background uses a soft color which is even softer in the middle. Everything on this ad brings the attention to the middle.





I really like this ad because it doesn’t show much to convey the message. The size of the tomato and the color is enough to catches people attention. The text is well place underneath of the tomato and the message is good enough to complement the ad.

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