Post-wedding photos

Most of the people that I met in Rexburg, I met through soccer; Oscar Infante was not the exception.

One day during the Winter semester, one Peruvian friend invited me to play indoor soccer and before the game, I got the chance to meet Oscar. He’s also from Peru but has been in the States for over 10 years. He currently works for Volkswagen as a mechanic.

By that time, I had a little issue with my car. Long story short, I had a bad diagnostic on my car and Oscar helped me to fix the problem. We worked on my car for no more than 10 minutes, as I said, it was a bad diagnostic. We decided to get something to eat and our friendship launched from there.

After a couple of weeks, I met his wife, Emily, and she told me about their wedding and that she didn’t like the photos they had as a couple so she asked me if I could help her by taking new photos.

Yet again, I was facing a photo shoot situation I have never delt with before. I didn’t know what to expect or what to offer. Luckily, Emily knew exactly what she wanted. She gathered some ideas from Pinterest and pitched them to me.

They took me to some of their favorite places around Rexburg and this was the result:

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After a couple of months, they gave me a surprise when they told me they were waiting for their first born. I got even more excited when they asked me to photograph their announcement.

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I was really glad to know they were happy with their photos. It was an awesome experience to shoot photos of my friends and capture those moments with them.

Thanks, Emily and Oscar for letting me part of those memories and cheers for your pregnancy.  Cheers to you both!


Trying new things…Portraits?

My first semester at BYU- Idaho was an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to meet incredible people and discover new opportunities in my field. Once again, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and learn new things.

One of the huge things I learned was photography. My journey with photography started in January 2017. I’ve shared a couple of my experiences shooting on events and I’ll share some of my work during my time at Scroll as a photographer.

During the weekends I wanted to increase my skills with the camera and, luckily, I got introduced to Gonzalo Virrueta. He’s also from Peru and was attending BYU- Idaho at that moment. He was looking for someone to take photos of him to celebrate his graduation. Gonzalo graduated at the end of Winter 2017.

The time couldn’t be more convenient to me. I decided to help him out and also seize the opportunity of taking some portraits. Here are some photos of that day:

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It was a pleasant experience to meet Gonzalo and help him out with his photos. The opportunity to shoot photos of someone posing for the camera was priceless. Gonzalo and I had a good time during the photo session and I believe everything was thanks to a good chemistry we had from the beginning. We met a couple times before his session so I could understand his needs better. After that, we got along.

Now more than ever, I understand that in order to offer a service, you need to be kind, social and open to everyone. Once that happens, the ice breaks between two people that barely know each other and everything becomes easier to go along with.


iCover night – Winter 2017

I really liked the experience of taking photos during the Battle of the Dance. After that, I wanted more experience in event photography and BYU- Idaho had the perfect event for me, the iCover night. This event shows the musical talent BYU-I students have. I felt this was the perfect event for me to keep developing my skills.

Here are some photos of the event.

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I was a musician for a while and I still enjoy the atmosphere of concerts. That event was amazing and after looking at the photos I fell deeply in love with event photography.

That night I learned how the lights make a huge difference in the photos. The event had an amazing show of lights that enhanced the photos a lot. This time I chose a lower ISO and the photos look amazing.

Please, let me know what you liked and what should I keep working on.

Mat Kearney live at BYU- Idaho

At the moment, I’m switching all my content from my previous website to this one. My previous photo blog post was from an event from my previous semester, Winter 2017. I’ll keep posting all my work from my previous semesters periodically.

This post will break the timeline of those upcoming posts, being from a concert that recently happened today. One big thing I’ve learned so far at Scroll is the importance of timeliness, so it’s time to apply it to my blog posts.

Mat Kearney had a show tonight at Brigham Young University- Idaho. I had the opportunity to cover this event and here are the highlights of the night. Hope you all enjoy it.

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Unfortunately, I stayed for only two songs. The security of the event told me I was only allowed to take photos of the first two songs. Nevertheless, I’m excited with the photos and I really enjoyed the concert. Thanks a lot, Mat Kearney! Great concert!

Battle of the dance – Winter 2017

During my first semester, I joined the Scroll, the newspaper of Brigham Young University- Idaho. This was a challenging goal for me because it was my first time using a camera. In order to gain more experience, I volunteered to take some photos of the Battle of the dance.

Here are some photos that I captured during the event.

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Being a photographer for an event was a nice experience. I loved my time during the event and the ability to capture the moment of some of the presentations.

One important thing that I’ve learned that night is the usage of the ISO at indoor events. I sat it up a bit higher and my photos ended up a bit grainy.  Certainly, it’s something that I’ll consider for any upcoming event.


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